Natural Disasters Monitoring - November 12, 2020

Official Sources:
Tropical Storm Eta Update  

On 11 November 2020, the Guatemala National Coordinator for the Reduction of Disasters (CONRED), reported that due to Tropical Storm Eta, 24,190 homes have presented mild, moderate, and severe damage due to severe weather events related to the storm. This is an increase of 9,902 homes since the previous update on 8 November 2020. Additionally, 133 roads, 12 buildings, 212 schools and 22 bridges have been affected and 11 roads (4 increase) and 18 bridges have been destroyed. There are currently 17,321 (10,196 increase) people who are being housed in 132 shelters (46 increase) located around the country. The report is available in Spanish at: CONRED.  

Severe Weather Update 

On 12 November 2020, the National Meteorological Service of Mexico (SMN) alerted that a cold front is approaching the affected Tabasco region and has the capacity to affect the already vulnerable population. Media reported that 150,000 people have been impacted by severe weather and flooding in Tabasco due to a previous cold front caused by Tropical Storm Eta. This is an increase of 1,943 affected people since the previous report on 9 November 2020. The Macuspana, Tacotalpa and Teapa communities have been completely submerged under water which has prompted the evacuation of 10,000 residents to shelters. The reports are available in Spanish at: SMN and Infobae.  

Dominican Republic 
On 11 November 2020, media reported that due to severe weather 1,281 homes have been affected (an increase of 537 homes from a previous report earlier on 11 November) and 1,276 partially affected. A total of 17 communities have become cut off, and 6,405 people (2685 increase) have been evacuated from the affected areas. The Emergency Operations Center (COE) has maintained the yellow and green alerts for 24 provinces cautioning residents of possible urban and rural flash floods, flooding of rivers, streams and ravines, and landslides. The reports are available in Spanish at: COE and Listin Diario.   

Unofficial Sources:
Tropical Storm Eta Update 

On 12 November, media reported that 2,848,091 people have been affected by Tropical Storm Eta and 101,312 people have been evacuated. This is an increase of 2,668,091 people affected and 64,312 people evacuated since the previous report on 10 November 2020. It was also reported that 19,968 homes, 125 roads (12 increase), 32 bridges were damaged (3 increase) and 665 homes, 21 bridges, and 12 box bridges were destroyed. In addition, 68 communities remain isolated impacting 102,936 people. The report is available in Spanish at: El Heraldo


On 11 November 2020, media reported an overflow of the Chama river in Colón Municipality, in the Zulia state. 653 families and 2,612 people were affected by flooding that impacted their homes. The affected area is currently without drinking water or electricity and latrines and sewage drains are reported to have overflowed posing a risk of contamination. Relief efforts are being coordinated by the Government of Zulia. The report is available in Spanish at El Pitazo.