Experts define strategies and standards to improve the quality of mammography services in Latin America and the Caribbean

Washington, DC, October 26, 2015.- Experts and representatives of governments and professional associations of radiology will meet from tomorrow in the Pan American Health Organization to propose minimum quality standards for mammography services in Latin America and Caribbean. They also will develop a strategy for implementing  quality assurance processes in this Region.

Mammography is the recommended tool for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. To be effective, it requires stringent quality assurance, as well as high quality equipment, sufficient skilled professionals, as well as the application of image quality standards to ensure accuracy and patient safety. In limited resource settings, assuring quality of mammography services can be challenging.

The Pan American Health Organization has organized an expert consultation with representatives of governments and professional associations, to develop standards for minimum quality assurance of mammography, that is feasible and relevant for the country context of Latin America and the Caribbean. The meeting will take place on 27-29 October 2015, where 12 countries will present their quality assurance programs and challenges, and  then feasible and realistic strategies for quality assurance programs in mammography services will be identified.

Useful documents:

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