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Comedy Here Often? (CHO) an independent organization of Canadian comedians supported PAHO organizing and broadcasting “Stop Going Viral,” on April 28, 29 and 30.  A 15 hours digital program that benefited PAHO by encouraging CHO’s audience to donate to PAHO COVID-19 Response Fund and sharing COVID-19 public health messages.

PAHO was honored with the generous participation of the incredible cast of artists who donated their talent to promote PAHO’s pandemic response and bolstering our communications messages via videos, social media, and public service announcements (PSAs.) raising awareness of our work among young audiences in Canada and the US.

Talented comedians joined the three shows (5 hours each day): Nikki Glaser, Will Arnett, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182, Debra DiGiovanni,  Dan Soder, Matt Selman, Mark Normand and Neil Brennan among so many other generous comedians who added their voices to this joint effort to make social networks’ audiences identify all of them as advocates for vaccination, and helped us to strengthen our continued focus to save lives and reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases in all countries and peoples across the Americas.

Based in Vancouver, Comedy Here Often? started in 2015, when the company 604 Records envisioned the necessity to create a space for Canadian comedians to be heard and treated with respect and dignity.

CHO’s community has made a real difference in this year’s immunizations efforts, by using the power of their images as public-facing celebrities to inspire and encourage people to seek COVID-19 vaccination and maintain their immunization schedules during this challenging time.

See the recorded programs “Stop Going Viral” here:

Day 1: April 28, 2021

Day 2: April 29, 2021

Day 3: April 30 2021

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