Brochure - Timeline: Chronological History of Rubella Elimination in the Region of the Americas

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Over the fifteen-year period of the measles and rubella elimination process, while recommended strategies were implemented in a time of rapid and dramatic changes, all the countries had to be tuned in to the same frequency. It was an ever growing challenge in light of the cultural, religious, and social diversity in the Region, but the daily and steady advances of the disease elimination initiatives were a means to unite us all. In addition, countries worked hand-in-hand in a show of Pan-Americanism: a close bond and a tight solidarity between a brotherhood of countries.

The importation of measles and rubella cases will continue to pose a threat to elimination programs. Although extraordinary efforts are being made, virus importations will continue. They will only be stopped when countries of the other regions of the world conduct similar efforts. Today, as we reach the end of the 21st century’s first decade, the feasibility of global measles eradication is being discussed. It will only become possible if appropriate strategies are implemented. With this in mind, this publication will represent a precious source of knowledge for other regions of the world.