CD51.R12 - Plan of Action to Accelerate the Reduction in Maternal Mortality and Severe Maternal Morbidity

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Taking into account the proposed international mandates in the Regional Plan of Action to Reduce Maternal Mortality in the Americas (Document CSP23/10 [1990]); the resolution Population and Reproductive Health (CSP25.R13 [1998]); the Regional Strategy for Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Reduction (Document CSP26/14 [2002]); the Strategy and Plan of Action for the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV and Congenital Syphilis (Document CD50/15 (2010)); Resolutions WHA55.19 (2002), WHA57.13 (2004), and EB113.R11 (2004) on reproductive health, adopted by the World Health Assembly and the WHO Executive Board, respectively; the forums of Nairobi, Kenya (1987), Cairo, Egypt (1994), and Beijing, China (1995); the Millennium Declaration (2000); and the Health Agenda for the Americas 2008-2017.