Cholera outbreak in Hispaniola 2023 - Situation Report 13

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In Haiti, as 5 February 2023, the Department of Epidemiology, Laboratories, have reported 28,901 suspected cholera cases in all 10 departments of the country. Of these, 2,107 cases have been confirmed in ten departments: 1,205 (57%) in Ouest, followed by 383 in Centre, 106 in Nord, and 104 in Artibonite.

In the Dominican Republic, on 1 February the Ministry of Public Health confirmed four new cholera cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 47, eleven of which were imported from Haiti. PAHO/WHO is providing technical and logistical support to the Ministry of Health in investigating and responding to cholera alerts, the development of prevention activities through risk communication and community engagement, as well as in implementation of the ongoing vaccination campaign.