Colombia: Meeting of the Measles Rubella Elimination Regional Monitoring and Re-verification Commission (MRE-RMC) with the Colombian Health Authorities

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As of March 2018, Colombia faced multiple measles virus importations: between epidemiological week 10 of 2018 and EW 9 of 2019, 258 cases of measles were confirmed and a total of 8,110 cases were investigated. No deaths were recorded (figure 1). Genotype D8 was identified in 50 samples, similar to the one circulating in other countries of the Americas. The first and last confirmed measles cases were among Venezuelan citizen; onset of rash was 8 March, 2018 and 10 March, 2019 respectively. The first case among a Colombian citizen reported onset of rash on 27 July, 2018, in Cartagena.