Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS): Jamaica, 2010-2015

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Jamaica, the largest English speaking Caribbean Island, is currently undergoing transitional changes in epidemiology, demography, and economy. The country has experienced a decreasing trend in mortality and fertility rates and the pressure of the Global Financial Crisis as reflected by its negotiation with the International Monetary Fund for a Stand-by Agreement. In 2008, the Government took the decision to remove user fees in the Health Sector, resulting in a significant increase in the demand for health services.

With the current economic climate, this presents challenges for the sustainability of health services, particularly as all Government Ministries grapple with reductions in their fiscal budgets. The Ministry of Health is also undergoing a restructuring process focusing on improvements in quality of care, enhancing efficiency in health services delivery, and increasing access and accountability in the management of health services.

The CCS priorities are the result of an exhaustive and participatory process that was led by the PAHO/WHO Representative for Jamaica and included technical Staff from the Country Office, PAHO Headquarters, WHO in Geneva, and National Counterparts.