Epidemiological Update of Monkeypox in women - 26 August 2022

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Between 1 January and 25 August 2022, a total of 46,048 confirmed cases, including 15 deaths, were reported from 99 Member States in all 6 World Health Organization (WHO) Regions. The 15 fatal cases were reported in Brazil (1), the Central African Republic (2), Cuba (1), Ecuador (1), Ghana (3), India (1), Nigeria (4), and Spain (2).

Of the 22,154 cases reported during 2022 for which there was information available on gender, 397 cases are among women (1.8%). The median age of this group is 30 years. The ratio of women to men in the WHO European Region is 1.2 per 100, and in the WHO Region of the Americas, it is 2,7 per 100. Of the 114 women who reported sexual orientation, 96% are heterosexual. Furthermore, sexual transmission was identified as the most likely mode of transmission among 61% of the women for whom there was available information.