Hearing screening: considerations for implementation


The World report on hearing recommends that WHO Member States take urgent and evidence-based policy action to prevent, identify and rehabilitate hearing loss. Screening for hearing loss and ear diseases at specific time points forms an important part of this strategy.

HEARING screening: considerations for implementation builds on the recommendations made in the World report on hearing. It aims to provide Member States with technical guidance for establishing evidence-based programmes for hearing screening in different target age-groups and to facilitate early interventions for ear diseases and hearing loss in: 

  • newborns and infants
  • schoolchildren 
  • older people

Target Audience

  • National or sub-national level EHC coordinators or focal points within Ministries of Health 
  • Public health planners  
  • Nongovernmental organizations and civil society entities providing ear and hearing care while planning for hearing screening programmes in the country.