How to prevent the pork tapeworm? A neglected parasitic infection caused by Taenia solium

Inforgrapghic on how to prevent the pork tapeworm

Taeniasis The tapeworms live in the intestines of humans. The eggs of the tapeworm are released with faeces. If defecating outdoors, the environment (including vegetables and water) can be contaminated. Human cysticercosis Swallowing tapeworm eggs (due to bad hygiene after using the toilet or consuming contaminated food or water), will result in parasite cysts developing mainly in the brain (causing seizures and epilepsy). Pig cysticercosis Pigs eating tapeworm eggs (present in faeces or the environment) will develop parasite cysts, mainly in the muscles (meat). Infected meat will contain parasite cysts, which are not always easy to see. Eating undercooked or raw infected pork will result in people developing tapeworms.