Regional Strategy and Plan of Action for Neonatal Health within the Continuum of Maternal, Newborn, and Child Care (2008-2015): Mid-term Evaluation

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mid-term-eval-regional-strategy-plan-action-neonatal-healthIn October 2008, the 48th Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) adopted, through Resolution CD48.R4, Rev. 1, the Regional strategy and plan of action for neonatal health within the continuum of maternal, newborn, and child care (1). This resolution urges Member States to take into account this strategy and plan of action when formulating national plans aimed at reducing neonatal mortality in the context of the continuum of maternal, newborn, and child care. Monitoring of the strategy and plan of action, which is also included in the resolution, is an essential component for assessing the status of implementation and results, which will make it possible in turn to determine if it is necessary to adopt corrective measures to achieve the expected results.