Report on Tobacco control for the Region of the Americas 2022


The Report on Tobacco Control of the Region of the Americas 2022 presents the progress of the implementation of the MPOWER technical package during the period of 2018-2021. While there has been significant progress noted, the report also highlights the gaps in the acceleration of the tobacco control agenda both at the global and regional levels. Collectively, 26 of the 35 Member States within the Region are implementing at least one measure of the MPOWER technical package at the highest level of application, accounting for 96% of the Region’s population being protected from the harms of tobacco. The report also details how the global COVID-19 pandemic is seen as being one of the most important threats to the tobacco control agenda. The increasing development and accessibility of the category of novel and emerging tobacco and nicotine products add to the challenge of accelerating tobacco control both globally and regionally. Yet, despite these obstacles, the Region of the Americas now ranks the second lowest prevalence of tobacco consumption globally and a 100% smoke-free South America.

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