Strategic Fund: Access to high-quality medicines and health technologies in the Americas - Annual report 2016

Strategic Fund. Access to high-quality medicines and health technologies in the Americas. Annual Report 2016

Access to medicines and other health supplies is essential if we are to achieve universal access to health and universal health coverage. Rising costs, lack of availability, and substandard quality of medicines constitute some of the challenges that our Member States face in ensuring equitable access to medical products throughout health systems and services. 

The Strategic Fund was created in 2000 by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) as a mechanism to improve equitable access to safe, efficacious, and quality medicines and supplies in the Americas. Through the Strategic Fund, participating countries join together in solidarity to pool needs and collectively procure quality health supplies at affordable prices. 

The achievements of 2016 reflect the advances that have been made collectively by our Member States as they continue to expand access to medicines and other essential supplies, and move progressively towards the achievement of universal health.