Tobacco plain packaging: global status 2021 update

Tobacco plain packaging: global status 2021 update


Plain (or standardized) packaging is defined as “measures to restrict or prohibit the use of logos, colours, brand images or promotional information on packaging other than brand names and product names displayed in a standard colour and font style”. 

In 2018, WHO published a Global status update outlining the first wave of countries that implemented plain packaging, and how they did so. This update outlines how the second wave of countries i.e. Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Myanmar, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, and Türkiye are implementing plain packaging relative to the first wave. Since the finalization of this publication, Georgia and Mauritius have issued regulations to implement plain packaging by end of 2022. Armenia, Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Finland have also amended their legislation to implement plain packaging. This should give other countries a push to follow suit with confidence about the legal status and impact of plain packaging.

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