Weekly Situation Report on Monkeypox Multi-Country Outbreak Response - Region of the Americas. 2 September 2022

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As of 31 August 2022:

Globally, 51,071 confirmed cases of monkeypox from 101 Member States: 54% in the Region of the Americas, 44% in the European Region, 1% in the Africa Region, <1% each in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Western Pacific Region, and South-East Asia Region (Figure 1).

5,870 additional cases, 13% increase in the last 7 days.

98% (26,574/27,052) of cases with available data are male, the median age is 36 years. <1% (161/27,614) of cases with available age data are aged 0-17 years, including 43 cases aged 0-4 years. Males between 18-44 years old account for 78% of cases with available data.

In the Americas, 27,803 cases confirmed from 31 countries and territories. 4 deaths have been confirmed in the Region of the Americas.

Four countries in the Region account for 93% of confirmed cases (United States of America, Brazil, Peru, and Canada).

For the fifth consecutive week, the Americas has reported the highest number of new monkeypox cases globally. For the third consecutive week, the number of cases has exceeded that in the WHO European Region, which previously had the highest cumulative number of cases.

El Salvador reported their first confirmed case. One additional death was reported (Brazil).

97% of 5,126 confirmed cases with available information are male. Most cases with available information are aged 25 to 45 years old and self-identify as men who have sex with other men.

In recent weeks, an increase in the proportion of women amongst the total number of confirmed cases has been observed.

Of 127 cases reported among women in the Region of the Americas as of 25 August, 6 correspond to pregnant women with no known pregnancy-related complications.

o 7 countries in the Region have reported 59 confirmed cases among persons <18 years old (Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Canada, and Chile).

o 2 cases among indigenous have been reported in Brazil
o Outbreak in prisons have been reported in one facility in the US and 3 others are investigated in Brazil. o 833 (10%) of 8,003 cases with available information were hospitalized.
o 83% of 2,345 cases in the Americas with available information are locally transmitted cases.