Addressing Men's Health and Masculinities in the Americas: A Public Health Imperative

Addressing Men's Health and Masculinities in the Americas: A Public Health Imperative

Addressing Men's Health and Masculinities in the Americas: A Public Health Imperative

Thursday 30 June at 11:00 am - 12:30 pm (EST) | 


Men’s health and masculinities in the Region of the Americas and the Caribbean has generated great interest due to the differences between the trends and trajectories of men's and women's health. These differences begin early and persist throughout the life course to advanced ages. In the Region, men bear an excess burden of disease and mortality caused by cancer, cardiovascular disease, road traffic accidents and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

This high-level webinar, jointly hosted by the Global Action on Men’s Health, the Center of Men’s Health Equity at Georgetown University, and PAHO will bring together policymakers, Member States, health professionals and other NGOs, researchers, and advocates to discuss the state of men’s health and gender equal masculinities in the Region and, more importantly, to begin the process of identifying and then implementing effective ways to improve men’s health outcomes. 


Agenda and more information:


Carolina Hommes, Advisor Healthy Life Course Integrated Approach. Family, Health promotion and Life Course, PAHO / WHO

Prof Derek Griffith, Vice Chair, Global Action on Men’s Health. Founder and Director of the Center for Men's Health Equity, Georgetown University.

Jessie Schutt-Aine, Chief, Equity, Gender, and Cultural Diversity (EGC), PAHO/WHO




Welcoming Remarks

Ms. Mary Lou Valdez, Deputy Director PAHO / WHO

Peter Baker, Director, Global Action on Men’s Health


Opening statement

Dr. Frank Anthony, Minister of Health of Guyana


Presentation: Men's Health and Masculinities in the Americas

Dr. Benno de Keijzer Fokker, Instituto de Salud Pública, Universidad Veracruzana, México


Presentation: Men's Health and Masculinities in the Caribbean

Dr. Sonja Caffe, Regional Advisor on Adolescent’s Health PAHO / WHO


Lessons learned:

WHO Europe

Isabel Yordi Aguirre, WHO Program manager, Gender and Health, WHO Regional Office for Europe


Dr Noel Richardson, Director National Centre for Men's Health, Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland


Open discussion - Next Steps for the Region

Moderated by:

■ Prof Derek Griffith, GAMH, GU

■ Jessie Schutt-Aine, PAHO/WHO


Closing Remarks

Dr. Enrique Vega, Unit Chief, HealthyLife Course, PAHO/WHO

Additional information:


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