Knowledge Management


To preserve the documentation originated by an organization is to preserve its knowledge.

The Knowledge Management (KM) team establishes the principles and practices of knowledge management and multilingual scientific publishing as fundamental to public health and as a key component of the technical cooperation provided by PAHO to the Member States. Its services are mainly related to the generation, collection, standardization, dissemination and preservation of the intelligence of the Organization represented by its publications and technical documents, as well as coordinating the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centers, which strategically fortifies PAHO’s technical cooperation. 

KM team is also engaged the Digital Literacy as providing periodical trainings to the PASB staff on how to better use scientific and technical databases and other information resources. Finally, the KM team also serves regional focal points to the WHO HQ Library by providing professional and technical reference and information services covering subject areas within the biomedical and public health field, including the Library Program, the Program Research4Life (HINARI), the scientific journals, the institutional repository (IRIS), and platforms for staff.