Factsheet: WHO/UNICEF Estimate of National Immunization Coverage 2022

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Global Information

  • In 2022, global vaccination coverage with DTP-containing vaccine partially recovered. The number of children missing out on any vaccination - “zero-dose children” – improved from 18 to 14 million.
  • Coverage of a third dose of vaccine protecting against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTP-3) recovered to 84% in 2022, leaving 20.6 million children vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Just 10 countries account for 58% of zero-dose children. Roughly the same countries also account for 58% of the children missing out on a measles vaccine.
  • Measles, because of its high transmissibility, acts as a “canary in the coalmine”, quickly exposing any immunity gaps in the population. The coverage of measles containing vaccine is thus often used as a tracer for protection.
  • The proportion of children receiving a first dose of measles vaccine – typically at 9 or 12 months - increased from 81 to 83%, well below the 2019 level of 86%. 22 million children missed their routine first dose of measles vaccine.
  • Coverage of the second dose of measles containing vaccine – typically administered to children between 18 months and five years old – continued to benefit from the introduction of this dose in national schedules. It stood at 74% in 2022.


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