Natural Hazards Monitoring - 21 September 2022



Dominican Republic (Update)

On 20 September, the Center for Emergency Operations of Dominican Republic (COE, per its acronym in Spanish) provided update on Hurricane Fiona's passage in the country. The COE indicated the Civil Defense has reported 2,168 houses were affected and 613 destroyed (609 increase since prior report) and a total of 7 shelters (decrease of 42 since the prior report) were activated with 184 residents (decrease of 1,367 since the prior report). To date, 10,840 people were evacuated to safe areas and 12 communities are without communication. The COE also reported 1,085,530 people have limited access to water per the National Institute of Water and Sewage (INAPA in Spanish) and 317,131 people are facing power outages. A total of 19 provinces remain on yellow alert. The report is available at: COE


Note: The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) update on the situation due to the hurricane in Puerto Rico was not available as of the data collection cut off at 13:30 PM EST.