Natural Hazards Monitoring - 31 October 2023


Brazil (Update)

On 30 October 2023, Civil Protection in Amazonas State, Brazil, provided an update on the ongoing drought. The number of people still affected by the draught stands at 598,000 (10,000 decrease since the 24 October report) corresponding to 150,000 families affected (2,000 decrease) in the state of Amazonas. In additional, 60 municipalities out of 62 have declared a State of Emergency (1 increase) and 2 municipalities are under alert. The report is available from: Defesa Civil do Estado do Amazonas

Severe weather  


On 30 October 2023, the Uruguayan National Emergency System published information on the effects of the heavy rains occurring in Artigas, Paysandú and Salto, Uruguay. There are currently 202 people evacuated and 1,899 self-evacuated, a total of 2,101 people displaced from their homes. Of this total, 156 correspond to Artigas, 619 to Salto and 1,326 to Paysandú. The report is available from: Sistema Nacional de Emergencias