The Revolving Fund launches the digital demand planning module for 38 countries and territories in regional meeting

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The module, which is part of PAHO's Digital Portal for Member States, is the evolution of analog formats that will reduce the manual workload and was socialized within the framework of the workshop on strengthening demand planning and performance of expanded programs of immunization held in Panama from July 4 to 7. 

Washington, July 10, 23 - PAHO's Revolving Fund for Vaccine Access launched the digital demand planning module in Panama City with a regional workshop attended by representatives of immunization programs from 38 countries and territories, which also included topics of interest to attendees on Revolving Fund processes, an overview of the vaccine market and exchanges of experiences between countries. 

The demand planning module will replace the Excel form and aims to provide a real-time information exchange process, as well as task optimization and demand dispatch to improve the user experience. These digitization efforts are part of the digital transformation PAHO promotes to improve decision-making at all levels of healthcare. 
This is the first module of the Portal for Member States that PAHO's Regional Revolving Funds, Revolving Fund, and Strategic Fund will be able to use in the future. 

This is the first module of the Member State Portal that PAHO's Regional Revolving Funds, Revolving Fund, and Strategic Fund are developing, which seeks to integrate crucial processes such as procurement and finance, allowing the tracking of requests from demand planning to receipt of shipment through a platform with consolidated and easily accessible information.

Workshop attendees were able to exchange experiences among representatives and managers of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), the Regional Revolving Fund team, immunization advisors from PAHO headquarters and country offices, and other guests who learned how to use the new tool, as well as the processes of planning, forecasting, demand consolidation, vaccine market, and procurement in an interactive and enjoyable way. 

In the days following the launch, attendees continued to receive updates on the 2030 Agenda for Immunization and discussed innovative ways to improve immunization coverage in the region under the leadership of the Comprehensive Immunization Special Program.