Successful completion of the course on Productive Management Methodology for Health Services in Haiti

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Washington DC, 12 July 2023 (PAHO) - Ten healthcare professionals in Haiti have successfully completed the course on Productive Management Methodology for Health Services (PMMHS) which aims to promote the development of productive management in the country's health services. The initiative took place from March 27 to July 1, 2023, on the Virtual Campus for Public Health of the Pan American Health Organization (VCPH/PAHO) and was designed to provide participants with a space for knowledge, reflection, and capacity building.

Designed for healthcare professionals who currently hold or aspire to managerial positions in healthcare centers at the first level of care and integrated healthcare networks, the course offered participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge and lead efforts to improve the performance of their organizations. Throughout the program, participants received assistance and support from course coordinators, who facilitated the exchange of experiences and knowledge among the participants.

This group of ten professionals represents a pool of potential tutors who can support the widespread dissemination of this new management tool at the country level in the French language. As a result, Haiti will be able to establish a critical mass of managers trained in the use of this methodology.

The central purpose of the PMMHS is to strengthen the management capacity of organizations in the Region of the Americas. The methodology provides elements to facilitate the analysis of the relevance, efficiency, and quality of production, negotiation, and control of management agreements, with the aim of fostering a new institutional culture oriented towards cost rationalization, productivity maximization, and quality care.

Throughout the course, two main educational purposes were pursued: to support the strengthening of the management capacity of healthcare services and to develop and/or improve the management information system for decision-making in healthcare institutions or networks through the application of the PMMHS. With this approach, the participants acquired the necessary knowledge to recognize the general concepts and actions of the PMMHS, analyze the current state of management information systems in their organizations, and develop or strengthen healthcare management information systems with indicators of production, efficiency, costs, and quality of health care.

The completion of the course represents a significant milestone in improving the management of health services in Haiti.

Participants' comments

"In my technical assistance work, I will use what I learned to influence the healthcare system as I collaborate at a high level. It is essential to have statistical data on healthcare services to make informed decisions, for example, to have indicators regarding bed usage and the presence of physicians," said Yves Thermidor MD, Reproductive Health Specialist, United Nations Population Fund.

"This course will help me in many aspects related to healthcare management, especially in data collection and analysis. It will assist in devising strategies to find solutions for the rational use of material resources and the proper management of healthcare personnel. All of this is for better management and for the benefit of the population," said Dr. Jovens Antoine, Director of Anse D’Hainault Community Hospital.

"The course is of great help in supporting institutional leaders to improve management practices and make evidence-based decisions," said Dr. Prince Soncon Pierre, Director of Sainte Therese de Hinche Hospital.

“This course is a necessary extension for any healthcare service management training, as it offers three fundamental advancements to complement basic management knowledge: (1) focus on the values and principles of the system; (2) work primarily based on predefined objectives (through vision and mission), and (3) make the most of resources (efficiency and effectiveness), ensuring the survival of any system and/or institution”, said Dr.  Dieunord Saint Louis.