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Virtual Course on Gender and Health in a framework of human rights and diversity - "Promoting Gender Equality in the Caribbean"

15 Aug 2013

Trinidad and Tobago, 15th August 2013. A four-day training/orientation meeting for tutors in preparation for a September introduction of the 1st virtual course on gender and health, for the Caribbean, concludes today. PAHO's Gender and Cultural Diversity Unit (GD) with the support of the PWR/TRT and PWR/CPC is contributing to the paucity of data and information to thoroughly assess the specific gender and health needs and situation of girls and boys, and women and men. It is of great concern to all that boys and men experience high morbidity and mortality, especially between 20 and 39 years, whilst domestic violence and femicide continue to foster morbidity, disability, and premature mortality.

These are a sample of the public health challenges participants will be able to analyze and design solutions for, at the end of the VC. Experts from different academic disciplines drawn from several Caribbean countries will be the tutors of the virtual course whose aim is to strengthen the capacities of the health sector and their partners, to integrate gender into health plans and planning. The Member States of our Region of the Americas, have an approved Gender Equality in Health Policy and are fully committed with PAHO's support to implement its plan of action, with the health sector, women's bureaus and civil society, PAHO personnel and other partners. Working with all partners is necessary to promote changes in society to reduce inequalities and inequities in health and development.

All Caribbean countries will have an opportunity to nominate participants to the course; the pilot round of this initiative anticipates a target of almost 60 participants. The PAHO Country Offices and the technical areas in Washington (especially the Gender and Cultural Diversity Unit) are tasked to promote skills development for the cross-cutting themes of the Organization; they will provide the support in the countries and territories to encourage national authorities and institutions to have their staff register online for the virtual course through August 23rd, 2013. For more information contact PAHO's Gender Unit: Esmeralda Burbano, burbanoe@paho.org