Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago became a Member State of the World Health Organization (WHO) on 3 January 1963 and of PAHO in September 1963. 

In 1964, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago signed a Basic Agreement with the Pan American Sanitary Bureau, formalizing the conditions of PAHO/WHO projects of assistance to the Government. This Agreement constitutes the legal framework for PAHO/WHO’s presence and Technical Cooperation Program in Trinidad and Tobago.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the Technical Cooperation (TC) program is developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and is based on an assessment of the health situation and reflects the health priorities of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. 

The selected Strategic Priorities are:

  • Strengthening the health system and services
  • Improving the health status of the population
  • Reducing threats to health

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