UN awards Brazilian Strategy to Prevent Childhood Obesity – PROTEJA

Crianças na hora da refeição em escola infantil

Brazil receives the award at the United Nations General Assembly

Brasilia, 21 September, 2022 - 

Brazil receives, this Wednesday (21), the Award from the United Nations Task Force for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), which this year joined forces with the Special Primary Health Care Program ( PHC) of the World Health Organization (WHO), to recognize work in PHC for the prevention and control of NCDs.

The recognition went to the Brazilian Strategy for Prevention and Attention to Childhood Obesity (PROTEJA) launched in 2021 by the Ministry of Health to halt the increase in childhood obesity through innovative and comprehensive intersectoral actions involving health, education, social assistance, agriculture, urban development, sports and City Councils, among other sectors.

To date, more than 1,320 Brazilian municipalities have joined Proteja, which represents a commitment to implement all essential actions to promote healthy eating, physical activity, and intersectoral actions to prevent and control childhood obesity within the program.