Workshop: training of trainers in the use of community-based perinatal technologies that contribute to reducing maternal morbidity and mortality

28 Nov 2022
Usando tecnologías perinatales durante el taller

Montevideo, November 28, 2022. On November 24 and 25, the workshop "Training of trainers in the use of community perinatal technologies that contribute to reducing maternal morbidity and mortality" was held in Panama City.

The Latin American Center for Perinatology - Women's and Reproductive Health (CLAP/WR) has designed strategies and methodologies to improve the conditions of care for pregnant women by community workers, especially traditional midwives.

Within this framework, CLAP/WR together with the Collaborating Center of the School of Midwifery of the University of Chile, with the support of Canadian cooperation, developed a workshop to train trainers who can prepare community workers in the use of community perinatal technologies, as well as in the timely identification of hemorrhagic and hypertensive complications, and the preparation for the stabilization of the woman suffering the complication and the transfer in the best conditions to a care center.

In particular, the objective of this activity was to generate competencies in a selected group of professionals from Honduras and Peru, in order to transmit the knowledge to the communities that have been established as beneficiaries of the project.  

The workshop covered topics related to communication and intercultural competencies; prenatal care; childbirth care; initial response to postpartum hemorrhage, arterial hypertension during pregnancy and preparation for transportation.

The contents had theoretical-practical components, with simulation scenarios using medium and low-fidelity simulators.

Twenty-two women and four men participated.