Project to analyze national family planning guidelines and policies has begun

30 Sep 2022
Mujeres hablando

Montevideo. September 30, 2022. On September 30, a meeting was held with focal points from selected countries to present the project: "Analysis of national family planning guidelines and policies and the preparation for the implementation of the WHO guidelines for self-care practices in sexual and reproductive health, in the context of the COVID 19 pandemic, in selected countries of the Americas". 

The first stage of the project consists of a search for documents to evaluate the existence of a legal framework, regulations and policies that guarantee sexual and reproductive rights in the selected countries of the region, as well as the existence of updated family planning guidelines. 

During the meeting, there was an exchange of information on the information survey carried out and the steps to be taken.  

Focal points from Chile, Ecuador and Peru participated in this first meeting.