WHO consultation on health sector priorities in chemicals (Sólo en inglés)

During the development of the Strategic Approach to Chemicals Management (SAICM), the health sector, through a process facilitated by WHO, identified a number of priorities which are reflected in the Strategic Approach.

Due to the need to reflect on progress towards the 2020 goal of sound management of chemicals, the third session of the International Conference (17-21 September 2012, Nairobi) requested the SAICM secretariat to prepare an overall orientation and guidance for achieving the 2020 goal, including understanding the gaps in implementation and prioritizing actions.

In accordance with the need to reflect on progress, WHO conducted an online survey to collect the views of health sector stakeholders on health-sector priorities and activities related to the 2020 goal. The views were collected through an on online questionnaire, open from 4 June to 17 July 2015. 62 survey forms were completed by governmental- or other organizations from 51 countries (45 governmental organizations, 17 other organizations). In addition a number of regional WHO (webinar) consultations were organized.

The results of the online survey and other regional WHO consultations indicated that although previously identified health sector priorities remain high priority, since the health sector priorities were developed significant work has been done and further experience has been gained in the sound management of chemicals by the health sector. This impacts on the emphasis given to certain of the priorities as well as providing further examples of actions that can be taken to support achievement of the priorities. To take this into account WHO updated the health sector priorities for the period 2015- 2020, including further examples of actions that can be taken to support achievement of the priorities.

The results of the consultation, including the updated health sector priorities, were submitted to the fourth session of the International Conference (28 September-2 October 2015, Geneva). The Conference has acknowledged the health sector priorities and attached them to the meeting report.