For 35 years, the Revolving Fund of the Pan American Health Organization has helped the countries of the Americas protect people against some of the world's worst diseases, including polio, measles, yellow fever, rotavirus and HPV. Through the fund, Member States pool their national resources to procure high-quality life-saving vaccines and related products at the lowest price".

PAHO Revolving Fund
Revolving Fund infographic

The PAHO Revolving Fund is a big part of what makes the Americas one of the biggest successes in the annals of vaccination.

The Fund marries economics and public health to protect people against some of the world's worst diseases, including polio, measles, yellow fever, rotavirus and human papillomavirus, to name just a few.

By buying in bulk, the Fund greatly improves its purchasing power. In other words, it takes advance of economics of scale.

Through the fund, 41 countries and territories pool their resources to procure high-quality vaccines, syringes and related supplies for their populations at the lowest price.

Since its inception in 1977, the Fund has helped to vaccinate tens of millions of children and save millions of lives.

This helps to explain why the Region of the Americas was the first of the six WHO regions to eliminate polio, why it is the only one, so far, to eliminate measles and rubella, and why its infant mortality rate is so low.

At the same time, the Fund has facilitated the rapid and equitable introduction of new vaccines.

The Fund is highly popular with the Region's Member States. In September 2013, the Directing Council said the "operational and financial capacity to deliver vaccinations has made the Americas a world leader in the elimination of vaccine-preventable diseases". It called the Fund "a pillar of the regional immunization program's leadership position". 

The PAHO Revolving Fund: protecting the people of the Americas through vaccination.

  • Ensures access to high-quality vaccines at the lowest price
  • Supports financial sustainability of national immunization programs
  • Promotes rapid and equitable introduction of new life- saving vaccines
  • Helps countries to estimate their requirements for vaccines and related supplies
  • Consolidates orders so that vaccines can be procured in bulk at lowest price
  • Coordinates and monitors shipments
  • Ensures continuous and reliable supply
  • Allows easy access to sustainable line of credit
  • Provides safe, effective, high-quality WHO pre-qualified vaccines and related products
  • Creates economies of scale that enable bulk purchases at lowest price
  • Support to saves lives through elimination and reduction of vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Provides single point of access to 41 countries and territories
  • Facilitates production planning
  • Assures prompt payment and sustainable demand
  • Helped to eliminate polio, measles, rubella
  • Has helped to attain vaccination coverage of over 93% and moved the Region closer to its goal of at least 95% coverage per district (for DPT3)
  • Helps Member States to cover over 95% of vaccination costs with their own national budgets
  • Catalyzes rapid and equitable introduction of new vaccines, such as those against pneumonia, rotavirus, human papillomavirus