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Cartoon Network collaborated with PAHO and UNICEF in a public service advertising campaign to raise awareness about the Zika virus in Latin America and to teach children ways to prevent it.

"Our friends in the United Nations are counting on you to help them prevent mosquitoes that transmit the dreaded Zika virus from reproducing." "These insects can also transmit diseases such as dengue or chikungunya. They are dangerous, but you can help by eliminating mosquito breeding sites in stagnant water, so that your family and friends won’t get infected."

The campaign uses some of Cartoon Network’s most popular characters, including The Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10. The campaign tells children: "Wear long sleeves and pants whenever you can. Use insect repellent recommended by health officials.”

“Our worldwide experience shows that children can have real impact on in community participation in strategies on public health issues,” said Barry Koch, former head of Cartoon Network Latin America.


Caribbean Mosquito Awareness Week




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This partnership harnesses CNLA's media power as a kids' entertainment channel to the technical expertise and on-the-ground presence of PAHO and UNICEF. Our experience around the world shows that children can make a real difference as part of community engagement strategies to address public health issues. This campaign aims to reduce fear, counteract misinformation, and show positive actions that can have a positive impact,"

Barry Koch, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast Latin America.