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The Honduran Singer-songwriter Sings to Nursing Mothers

The Pan American Health Organization partnered with Honduran singer-songwriter Guillermo Anderson to produce a music video based on his song “A la Leche Maternal” to support World Breastfeeding Week in 2015.

"Breastfeeding and working, let's make it possible!" was the 2015 slogan for World Breastfeeding Week, which is celebrated on August 1 to 7 every year. The 2015 campaign promoted the idea that mothers should have a safe, clean and private place in or close to their workplaces where they can breastfeed their babies.

Worldwide, less than 40% of infants under 6 months of age receive breast milk as their exclusive diet, which affects the growth of more than one million children. For this reason, PAHO promotes breastfeeding by encouraging all sectors to provide a private, comfortable and hygienic space for breastfeeding mothers.

Anderson helped PAHO to champion breastfeeding by composing and recording a music video of the campaign theme song, “To mother’s milk,” which pays tribute to women as they breastfeed their infants.

Anderson, a talented artist with a deep social conscience, died on August 6, 2016, in La Ceiba, Honduras.


World Breastfeeding Week: Protect breastfeeding in the workplace


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"The benefits of breastfeeding extend to mother and baby, and promoting breastfeeding policies in the workplace is essential,"

Dr. Carissa F. Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)