Action plan to further advance towards leprosy elimination in Latin America and the Caribbean: Action lines for reaching regional goals and sustaining achievements, 2012-2015

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The present Regional Plan for Leprosy Elimination is the result of the analysis of epidemiological and programmatic information provided by the countries in the Region and the annual reports presented by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Member States.

The analysis was conducted following the guidelines established by the World Health Organization (WHO) global leprosy program to identify action lines requiring strengthening at national and sub-national levels both to sustain gains accomplished in the Region and to reach the goals set by Member States through the resolutions adopted by PAHO’s Directing Council in the case of leprosy, specifically Resolution CD49.R19 of October 2009.

This Resolution expressed the commitment of countries to achieve leprosy elimination at the first sub-national political and administrative level by 2015 in the framework of the initiative for the control and elimination of neglected diseases and other poverty-related infections.