Epidemiological Update: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) - 18 May 2021


As of 16 May 2021, all 56 countries and territories in the Region of the Americas have reported a cumulative total of 64,934,163 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 1,587,859 deaths , since the detection of the first cases in the Region in January 2020. 

Since the 14 April 2021 PAHO/WHO Epidemiological Update on COVID-194 and as of 16 May 2021, 6,363,082 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 168,689 additional deaths, have been reported in the Region of the Americas, representing a 10% and 11% increase in cases and deaths, respectively. During the same period, Anguilla showed an increase of 73% in cases, while Trinidad and Tobago and Uruguay showed a >35% increase in both the number of cases and deaths.