Epidemiological Update: Measles - 10 November 2021

Epidemiological Update: Measles -  10 November 2021 Download (305.29 KB)

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and, considering the decline in vaccination coverage with the first and second doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR1 and MMR2), the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) reiterates to Member States that vaccination and epidemiological surveillance for vaccine-preventable diseases should be considered an essential health service that should not be interrupted.

In 2021, between epidemiological week (EW)1 and EW 43, two countries and one territory in the Region of the Americas reported confirmed cases of measles, as follows: Brazil, with 619 confirmed cases including 2 deaths in 6 federal units; the United States of America, with 47 confirmed cases in 4 jurisdictions; and French Guiana, with 5 confirmed cases. Brazil continues with endemic circulation of the D8 genotype MVs/Gir Somnath.IND /42.16 lineage of the measles virus.


In 2020, nine countries in the Region of the Americas reported a total of 8,726 cases including 11 deaths due to measles[1].


PAHO/WHO has closely monitored the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on vaccine preventable diseases (VPD) vaccination coverage in the Region.

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[1] Countries that reported cases and deaths due to measles in 2020: Argentina (61 cases including 1 death), Bolivia (2 cases), Brazil (8,448 cases including 10 deaths), Canada (1 case), Chile (2 cases), Colombia (1 case), Mexico (196 cases), the United States of America (13 cases), and Uruguay (2 cases).