Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs): WHO-UNICEF Joint Reporting Form on Immunization (JRF) and Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC)


WHO and UNICEF National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC) estimates are systematic assessments of the most likely national immunization coverage levels for each country by WHO and UNICEF each year. WHO and UNICEF use the PAHO/WHO-UNICEF JRF (Joint Reporting Form) reports and completed immunization surveys, as well as literature data (published and gray), to try to distinguish between situations in each country where the available data accurately reflect the performance of the immunization system and those where the data are likely to be compromised and present a misleading view of immunization coverage. The JRF is an official document used by the 194 Member States and Associated Territories of the United Nations. This document is intended to answer frequently asked questions about the process that WUENIC estimates follow to be published and disseminated by WHO and UNICEF, and PAHO in the Americas, to help the general public and technically trained audiences understand these processes.