The Health of Adolescents and Youth in the Americas

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This report presents the latest available data from countries of the Region with the aim to: 1) analyze the health situation of adolescents and youth in the Region; 2) summarize the current status of the implementation of PAHO’s Regional Strategy and the Plan of Action; and 3) provide perspective on how stakeholders can act to improve the health and well-being of young persons in the Americas, taking into account recent regional and global commitments, strategies, and targets. In doing so, the report offers a comprehensive view of health relating to young people in the Americas.

The report is divided into five parts:

  • Part I provides a profile of adolescents and youth in the Americas, with a focus on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.
  • Part II analyzes the health status of adolescents and youth in the Americas, guided by the health-related targets and indicators from the regional Plan of Action.
  • Part III reviews key actions taken on the regional and country level in the seven strategic areas proposed by the Plan of Action, highlighting progress and challenges.
  • Part IV describes the evolving global and regional context of the health and development of young people and the implications that has for the regional response.
  • Part V presents adolescent and youth health profiles with the latest available data from countries in the Region on a range of adolescent and youth health indicators.