Immunization Newsletter, v.40, n.1, Mar. 2018

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IN THIS ISSUE: Implementation of Fractional Doses of the Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine; Strengthening Immunization Program Management and Data Quality with Electronic Immunization Registries in the Caribbean; Pan American Journal of Public Health Publishes Issue on Immunization in the Americas; Sentinel Surveillance of Pneumonia and Bacterial Meningitis in Peru’s Pediatric Emergency Hospital; Workshop on Rapid Responses to Yellow Fever Outbreaks in Peru; PAHO Publishes Tools for Monitoring the Coverage of Integrated Public Health Interventions; Table 1. Prices for Vaccines Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2018; Table 2. Prices for Syringes Purchased through the PAHO Revolving Fund, 2018-2019; What I Have Learned... by Gladys Ghisays