International Migrants’ Health - Health Status: Communicable Diseases

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This document summarizes the scientific literature regarding communicable diseases of international migrants within the Region of the Americas. The information provided here is based upon a broader scoping review of the published scientific literature regarding international migrants’ health in the Region of the Americas between January 2016 and October 2021.

This summary sheet is a narrative and descriptive synthesis of several main topics related to the field, with a focus on international migration and health in the Region. It does not fully represent the heterogeneity of information available internationally in terms of type of migrants, countries of origin, and study designs; however, it provides a description of general patterns often found in this literature. In this scoping review, 61 articles addressed communicable diseases of international migrants.

The results presented in the following scientific literature review summary sheet are based on selected articles from the review and is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all current literature. You can find all references in the interactive dashboard located within PAHO’s Information Platform on Health and Migration.

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