Magnet: Multi-dose Open Vial Policy for WHO prequalified vaccines

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In light of the limited global supply of the inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), the PAHO Immunization Unit wanted to find ways to help countries strengthen compliance with the Multi-dose Open Vial Policy of the World Health Organization (WHO).

For this reason, a large magnet was designed that can be placed on the refrigerators of the vaccination centers.

The material highlights the recommended time a multi-dose vial should be used according to the type of vaccine:

  • Liquid vaccines up to 28 days after opening the vial: IPV, bOPV, DPT, TT, DT, Td, Hepatitis B, Influenza, Varicela (verify presentation/provider), and liquid forms of the Hib vaccine.
  • Lyophilized vaccines up to 6 hours after they are reconstituted: BCG, MR, MMR, Yellow Fever, Varicela (verify presentation/provider), and lyophilized forms of Hib vaccine.

During the weekend or in preparation for an electricity outage, emergency, or another event that could affect the cold chain storage, you should:

  • Adequately prepare cold-packs and put them in thermos
  • Pack and store the vaccines in the thermos
  • Put a thermometer in the thermos
  • Place the thermos in the refrigerator.