Moving toward improved access to medicines and health technologies for cardiovascular disease [only in Spanish]

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[ABSTRACT]. The objectives of this article are to describe the interventions carried out by the Strategic Fund of the Pan American Health Organization to facilitate access to and availability of antihypertensive drugs and devices for measuring blood pressure in the countries of the Region of the Americas, supporting the implementation of the HEARTS initiative; and to present the preliminary results of price analyses of antihypertensive drugs. The study methodology included a review of reports made by the Strategic Fund during 2019–2020, an evaluation of modalities of procurement, a review of the public procurement databases for five antihypertensive drugs, and a comparison with the price obtained by the Strategic Fund. Differences ranging from 20% to 99% were identified, indicating significant opportunities for savings. Interprogrammatic actions in support of the HEARTS initiative are also presented, such as the inclusion of antihypertensive drugs recommended by the World Health Organization; consolidation of regional demand and establishment of competitive prices with long-term agreements to manage the procurement of quality generic products; and the definition of technical specifications and regulatory requirements to support the procurement of devices to measure blood pressure. Through this mechanism, Member States can reduce their costs significantly, enabling them to extend treatment and diagnostic coverage to more people.