PAHO Forward: An organization-wide approach to strengthen efficiency, transparency, and accountability


PAHO Forward focuses on modernizing, innovating, and streamlining policies, processes, and systems to strengthen internal management, controls, and decision-making. It fosters a culture of efficiency, transparency, and accountability to enhance the effectiveness of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) across all levels.

Through streamlined processes, technology utilization, advanced data analyses, and open communication, the Pan American Sanitary Bureau (PASB) will become better equipped to address the evolving public health challenges of Member States. Through innovative management processes, PAHO Forward can contribute to placing health at the heart of the Region’s economic recovery and in policies to address the poverty, inequities, and inequalities that have deepened in recent years. PASB must cultivate an engaged, empowered, and diverse workforce equipped with the necessary skills and competencies within an increasingly complex public health landscape.

Effective and innovative human resources management practices and processes are integral to achieving PAHO’s mission. Information technology and communication systems will help PASB leverage technologies, data management systems, and information-sharing platforms to streamline processes, facilitate evidence-based decisions and actions, and improve overall organizational performance. During a crisis, the Organization must quickly assess the situation and determine the required level of support and additional resources needed. Resources must be strategically allocated to provide the required support and address the unique needs of countries, ensuring an effective response throughout the duration of the crisis.

PAHO Forward will strengthen PASB’s capacity to deliver technical cooperation to drive public health impact and sustainability for the countries and peoples that PAHO serves.