PAHO Situation Report N.5. Haiti Humanitarian Situation. April 15, 2024

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For several years, Haiti has been engulfed in a socioeconomic, political and humanitarian crisis that has reached critical levels since mid-September 2022 due to escalating armed violence and gang control of territory. Meanwhile, a cholera epidemic resurged in October 2022, after 3 years without cases, and spread rapidly across the country.

Since February 29, 2024, the humanitarian situation in Haiti has rapidly escalated due to the rise in violence linked to gang activities.

As of April 15, 2024, the security conditions in the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area are worsening, and the Artibonite department, north of the capital, is also increasingly affected by insecurity. Consequently, access to crucial services such as healthcare is becoming restricted.

The referral system of the National Ambulance Center (CAN, per its acronym in French) is facing challenges as it is becoming increasingly difficult for CAN personnel and ambulances to access gang-controlled areas.

PAHO continues directing its limited funding towards urgent life-saving needs, by focusing on supporting the continuity of emergency and essential health services in hospitals, especially for pregnant women and internally displaced persons (IDPs). NGOs who receive funding will continue conducting mobile clinics in IDP sites.

Access this report for up-to-date information on Haiti Humanitarian Crisis and PAHO's response.