PAHO’s Health Emergency Appeal 2023

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Countries in the Americas face a complex epidemiological landscape and significant inequalities between and within countries. The growing protection risks and humanitarian health assistance needs are likely to continue and even worsen in 2023.

PAHO’s 2023 Health Emergency Appeal highlights the regional priorities of the Organization to support the protection of communities and populations affected by acute, prolonged and protracted health emergencies throughout the Americas, starting with individuals in situation of vulnerability. The Appeal outlines the funding requirement to sustain and scale up health emergency and humanitarian assistance in the Region, with focus on five priority countries currently facing prolonged humanitarian crisis and/or recovering from recent acute emergencies: Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, and Venezuela.  

This Appeal is fully aligned with PAHO’s mandate and role in health emergency and humanitarian assistance within the UN and the Interamerican Systems. It contributes to the Organization’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025,  its principles, priorities, and strategies and the World Health Organization’s Health Emergency Appeal for 2023

Due to the unpredictable nature of health emergencies, the appeal is a snapshot of projected needs for all the emergencies that PAHO is currently responding to as well as readiness efforts for highly probable emergency scenarios based on risks assessed and forecasted. To ensure adequate response at all times, PAHO has worked over the years towards developing and standardizing appropriate skillsets and capacities across all levels of the Organization to fulfil its critical function of leadership, information management, technical expertise, and core services when responding to emergencies with health consequences. 

This Appeal focus on five priority countries currently facing prolonged humanitarian crisis and/or recovering from recent acute emergencies.

PAHO needs US$ 358.2 million in 2023 to
 help protect 24.2 million people in the Americas from urgent emergency and humanitarian health needs, including the covid-19 response.

Generous donations from the international community allow PAHO to deliver its technical cooperation and deploy its operational and logistics support to address existing and emerging public health challenges impacting the countries and territories of the Americas.