Polio Bulletin (51-52) - 31 December 2022

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Polio Highlight

Polio experts eye clear tactics in final push to achieve success

As 2022 draws to a close, independent technical bodies from key epi-centres dive deep on what it will take to achieve success in 2023

December 2022, Key Takeaways: First, only one “family” of wild poliovirus remains in circulation in Pakistan. Second, variant polio cases in Nigeria—a historic center for transmission—fell to just nine cases in the second half of 2022. Third, despite the importation of wild poliovirus into Malawi and Mozambique this past year, successful outbreak response is consistently improving, and vaccination campaigns are reaching millions of children. Each of these instances is proof that our strategies are working, and experts remain confident that by building on this momentum and learning from developments in 2023, we can achieve a polio-free world.

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