Population and Individual Approach to the Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Obesity

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The Resolution Population and Individual Approaches to the Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Obesity was approved by the 48th Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization, September 29- October 3, 2008, in response to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes currently affecting the countries of the Americas. Its main goal is to call on Member States to prioritize the prevention of obesity and diabetes and their common risk factors by establishing and/or strengthening policies and programs, integrating them into public and private health systems and working to ensure adequate allocation of resources to carry out such policies and programs.

Furthermore, a consultation process was carried out to define a list of priorities for the implementation of the Resolution. The consultation included the review of various national diabetes and other chronic disease programs such as those from Cuba, Paraguay, and Argentina among others. These programs were used as the basis for creating the list of priorities that was discussed during the workshop Diabetes in the Americas: Priorities for the Partner Forum to Fight Diabetes and Obesity in the Americas in Montreal, Canada, October 20, 2009. A list of workshop participants and other contributors is presented in Annex 1. After the workshop the list of priorities was circulated. The contributions and suggestions received were incorporated. The list of priorities is published aiming to help Member States in preparing action plans to fight diabetes and obesity. It is suggested that components be adapted to particular countries or organization