Rapid Mobile Phone Survey on Noncommunicable diseases and COVID-19: Suriname, 2023

Factsheet of the RaMPS in Suriname, 2023
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The Rapid Mobile Phone Survey on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) and COVID-19 in Suriname was conducted to understand people’s knowledge, behaviors, and NCD service utilization and gauge attitudes toward health policies.

The computer-assisted telephone interview survey was based on a sample of 2,005 adults aged 18 and older and employed random-digit-dialing (RDD) methods to produce key indicators stratified by sex. A total of 5,972 mobile phone numbers were dialed, of which 2,992 mobile phone users were contacted and yielded 2,005 interviews. The cooperation rate* was 72.0%. Data were collected between November 9, 2022, and January 12, 2023.

*The cooperation rate is the number of complete interviews divided by the number of interviews (complete plus partial) plus the number of non-interviews that involve the identification of and contact with an eligible respondent (refusal and break-off plus other).