Situation Report N.1: Dengue Epidemiological Situation in the Americas - 14 December 2023

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The Region of the Americas has seen over 4.2 million new cases of dengue fever reported in 2023, including more than 6,500 severe dengue cases and 2,050 deaths. This surpasses the previous record seen in 2019 (3.1 million cases), by over a million new cases. 

Between EW 1 and EW 49, there have been 4,192,479 reported cases, with an incidence rate of 421 cases per 100,000 population. Of the reported cases, 1,898,640 were lab-confirmed, and 6,766 were classified as severe dengue. The highest number of cases were reported in Brazil with 2,909,404 cases, Peru with 271,279 cases, and Mexico with 244,511 cases.

Of the 6,766 severe dengue cases, the highest number were seen in Colombia (1,504 cases), Brazil (1,474 cases), and Mexico (1,316 cases). A total of 2,050 reported deaths due to dengue resulted in a case fatality rate (CFR) of 0.049% for 2023.