Dengue Multi-Country Grade 3 Outbreak 2024

Since 2023, the world has faced an upsurge of dengue transmission characterized by the number, size, and concurrence of multiple outbreaks and the spread to areas previously free of dengue. Also, serotypes that had not circulated for several years in some areas were identified.

Situation in the Region of the Americas

The Region of the Americas reported the largest proportion of the global burden. 2023 was the year with the highest historical record of dengue cases, registering more than 4.1 million new infections. This figure exceeded those of 2019, the year in which more than 3.1 million cases were registered, including 28,203 serious cases and 1,823 deaths. Between epidemiological weeks (EW) 1 and 12 of 2024, a total of 4,257,154 suspected cases of dengue were reported, resulting in a cumulative incidence of 451 per 100,000 population. This figure represents an increase of 304% compared to the same period in 2023 and 495% compared to the average of the last 5 years. Graph 1 shows the trend of suspected dengue cases as of EW 12.

This situation poses a major public health challenge. The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that the risk is high worldwide, taking into account the growing risk of transmission and the increase in cases and deaths.

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