Tool to Estimate the Impact of Population Hypertension Control on CVD mortality


The PAHO HTN:CVD EstimaTool is an online tool designed to allow users to estimate the number of ischemic heart disease and stroke deaths that could be averted in a location or population group by improving the population hypertension control from a current to a target level in a given number of years. The resulting estimates are based on predictive models developed by a research team that quantified the association between the level of population hypertension control and mortality due to ischemic heart disease and stroke.

For detailed methodological information, visit the methods page, the article published in the Pan American Journal of Public Health, and for instructions on how to use the HTN:CVD EstimaTool visit the About page.


Suggested citation

Martinez R, Soliz P, Campbell NRC, Lackland DT, Whelton PK, Ordunez P. Association between population hypertension control and ischemic heart disease and stroke mortality in 36 countries of the Americas, 1990-2019: an ecological study. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2022;46:e143.